Elevating Hybrid Smartwatches

Elevating the world of hybrid smartwatches, the Withings ScanWatch stands out as a remarkable choice. Boasting essential features such as heart rate and sleep tracking along with basic notification alerts, this watch takes it up a notch with its FDA clearance for blood-oxygen and electrocardiogram measurements. The latter holds the potential to identify atrial fibrillation and irregular heartbeats, although it’s advisable to consult a medical professional for interpretation.

What truly distinguishes this minimalist timepiece is its impressive battery life, lasting up to an entire month between charges—a feature that surely resonates with users. Encased in stainless steel and featuring sapphire glass covering the face, the ScanWatch promises durability and a premium build. One distinctive aspect is its OLED subdial, which simultaneously reveals its smart capabilities and underscores a limitation—it’s compact. While not ideal for extended text reading, it conveniently offers quick glimpses of the date, heart rate, and step count.

Available in both 42-mm and 38-mm sizes, the Withings ScanWatch redefines hybrid smartwatches with its blend of advanced health measurements and enduring battery life.




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