The Best Fitness Trackers If You Have an iPhone

Apple Watch Series 8

People tend to hold on to their Apple Watches for years, and rightfully so—it is far and away the best fitness tracker if you have an iPhone. So if you want one, you’re best off with the latest Series 8 (8/10, WIRED Recommends). It comes with new body temperature sensors that are aimed at tracking menstrual cycles. It also has new safety features, such as Crash Detection. In the event of a severe car accident, the Series 8 will use a powerful new accelerometer and gyroscope as well as the barometer, GPS, and microphone to detect a car crash and alert emergency services if the user has not responded within 10 seconds.

If you have a watch, you can look forward to new sports features this fall with WatchOS 10. These include more cycling and hiking features, like new topographic maps, and mental health and visual health features like those that measure how much time you spend in daylight and how close you’re holding your iPad to your face. These features will also be available on the Apple Watch SE, which has the latest S8 chip and will have Crash Detection, but you still don’t get wrist-based body temperature sensing or some older features, like the blood oxygen or ECG app. Finally, with the exception of Fitbit, the watch has the widest array of gorgeous, if sometimes overpriced, third-party accessories.





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