Save Food from the Fridge: Exploring Ways to Preserve Produce with Jihyun David

In the realm of sustainable living, the quest for efficiency extends even to our refrigerators. Jihyun David studio, led by artists and designers Jihyun Ryou and David Artuffo, has been challenging conventional norms since 2008 with their ongoing series, “Save Food From the Fridge.” This collaborative effort, informed by research and a desire to reduce waste, provides alternative storage solutions for everyday staples that don’t necessarily need refrigeration.

Carrots and Leeks Stand Tall: Storing carrots and leeks in a vertical position, facilitated by sand, not only conserves energy but also keeps them fresh for longer. The elegant wood and glass design ensures proper storage without the risk of rot.

Apples and Potatoes Harmony: Combining apples and potatoes proves beneficial as apples prevent potatoes from sprouting. The two-tiered design, with cut-outs for apples and a tilt-out bin for potatoes, showcases an ingenious way to enjoy both while preserving their freshness.

Eggs Beyond the Fridge: Eggs, with their porous shells, absorb odors easily. Placing them outside the fridge on a dedicated shelf ensures better taste. Additionally, the freshness of eggs can be tested in water, offering a simple yet effective method.

Fruit and Veg in a Shallow Bath: Certain fruits and vegetables thrive outside the cold environment. Placing items like zucchini, eggplant, bell pepper, and cucumber on an open shelf with a shallow water bath maintains their freshness through daily watering.

Rice-Enhanced Spice Storage: Adding uncooked rice to spice containers helps absorb humidity, preventing the formation of lumps. Proper storage, including keeping larger quantities in a dark and cool space, ensures the longevity and quality of spices.

Leafy Base for Cruciferous Vegetables: Leafy vegetables like lettuce and cabbage last longer when their stems or roots are in water. The hexagonal modular base with a water well, made of marble, provides an ideal setup for keeping these vegetables cool and fresh.

Tabletop Celery Bouquet: Storing celery like a bouquet in a vase with water maintains its freshness. The visual appeal serves as a reminder to consume this hydrating summer plant regularly.

The overarching philosophy of “the more you know, the less you throw” underpins the ‘Save Food From the Fridge’ initiative. By reimagining food storage and embracing traditional wisdom, Jihyun David encourages a shift in perspective toward a more sustainable and waste-conscious lifestyle.

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