Samsung Galaxy Watch6 Series: A Smart Choice for Android Enthusiasts

Samsung’s Galaxy Watch6 and Watch6 Classic models bring a touch of refinement to the world of smartwatches. Designed primarily for Android smartphone users (unfortunately not compatible with iPhones), these round wearables offer versatility with two available sizes and even an LTE version for those seeking continuous connectivity, even when their phone is out of reach. While certain health features like the electrocardiogram and irregular heart rate alerts require a Samsung phone for full functionality, these watches still offer a robust set of features for fitness and well-being tracking.

Taking the Watch6 Classic for a spin in the 47-mm size, it effortlessly withstood two full days of use and a day and a half with the always-on display active. The hallmark mechanical rotating bezel of the Classic model enhances the user experience, allowing for intuitive navigation through the Wear OS interface. This standout feature sets it apart from other touchscreen-dependent options. Its health monitoring capabilities, including sleep tracking and activity insights, prove satisfying, supported by impressive auto-start and auto-pause features. However, while generally accurate, some minor variations were noted in heart rate measurements during specific workouts. With the Watch6 offering 40-mm and 44-mm sizes, and the Classic available in 43-mm and 47-mm, Samsung caters to a range of preferences and wrist sizes, making these watches a strong contender in the Android wearable space.





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