Elevating Productivity On-the-Go: The Power of an Integrated Portable Monitor

Mobile Pixels Duex Plus Portable Monitor

Imagine having a second screen for your MacBook that seamlessly attaches via magnets, opening up a new dimension of productivity. This ingenious integrated portable display revolutionizes the way you work on the go. While it does require leaving four discreet magnets on your MacBook’s corners, the payoff is a brilliantly effortless way to expand your screen real estate.

What sets this solution apart is its minimal footprint. Hanging unobtrusively off the back of your MacBook, this portable display adds zero clutter to your desk. Need the extra screen space? Simply slide out the 13-inch display and connect the USB-C cable. The convenience is unparalleled, and when your workday is done, you can swiftly remove the display, restoring your MacBook’s sleek profile. While it does introduce a touch of bulk, the freedom to detach it at will ensures you only use it when needed. Say goodbye to workspace limitations and hello to a more versatile and productive MacBook experience.



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