7 Stylish Indoor Compost Bins For Your Countertop

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, nearly a third of what we throw away can actually be composted. That means we can redirect what ends up in landfills by turning our food scraps and yard waste into organic, nutritional soil.

In fact, did you know you can compost everything from tea bags to nut shells to fireplace ashes? Create a pile of scraps in a dark and shady area of your yard, and within two to four months, you can have rich and absorbent soil, lowering your carbon footprint and methane gases. Learn more about how to compost here.

No matter where you are or how small your living space, these cute and tiny indoor composting bins make green living that much easier. This list is the best indoor compost bins we could find and includes low-key countertop compost bins under $30 to home appliance investments, so there are plenty of sustainable options to help you turn your trash into actual treasure.


1. Bamboozle

Best For | Cute and colorful compost bins
Size | 1.15 gallons
Price | $40

Based out of North Carolina, Bamboozle creates specialty home goods out of bamboo, a sustainable fiber that’s low-impact and high-performing. This adorable container is great if you’re on the hunt for a small compost bin—our team loves it for their smaller families of two and three. It comes with a lid, odor-blocking filters (we can confirm it works!), and a bamboo handle. Our favorite of the five colors is the stunning TerracottaSwoon.


indoor compost bin

2. Net Zero Co.

Best For | Compost bins that hold more than 25 cups of food scraps
Size | 25.5 cups/6 liters
Price | $55

Net Zero Co., a leading brand in the low waste movement, offers plastic alternatives for just about everything you need, including its signature Kitchen Compost Bin. Holding up to a whopping 25+ cups, this stainless steel bin with an airtight lid and charcoal filter will help transform your typical scraps into rich soil without the smelly odors. Best yet, it’ll be shipped to you in 100 percent biodegradable packaging. 


indoor compost bin

3. Cliff Spencer

Best For | A handcrafted, American-made compost container
Size | 11–25 cups/2.5–5.7 liters
Price | $160–$205

A made-to-order, stunning wood compost pin? Yes, please. The Cliff Spencer Compost Bin is handmade in two sizes (petite or family size) and your choice of color (white, gray, or walnut). Made of salvaged walnut wood and a stainless steel pan and lid, it’s gorgeously discreet and perfect for any chic countertop. Crafted in Birmingham, AL, this indoor compost bin is a simple and sustainable addition to any home.


indoor compost bin

4. Package Free

Best For | The most affordable compost bin
Size | 21 cups/5 liters
Price | $24

Package Free’s new Stainless Steel Compost Bin is equal parts effective and affordable. Made of mixed materials that are all recyclable or compostable themselves, this bin comes with an activated charcoal filter to keep your home smelling fresh, no matter what you throw in there. Delivered to you in 100 percent compostable packaging, you’ll help waste avoid landfills in more ways than one—and it’s under $25.


indoor compost bin

5. Uncommon Goods

Best For | A live composter with worms
Size | Composts up to 2 pounds/week
Price | $199

Uncommon Goods’ Living Composter goes to work right on your countertop, with the help of worms! This futuristic composter is made of sustainable cork and recycled plastic, and it immediately feeds your leftover scraps to worms, who eat half of their weight each day. That’s almost two pounds per week (or the equivalent of a two- or three-person household). All you’re left with is a natural fertilizer packed with nutrients and enzymes, which you can disperse among your garden or plants.


indoor compost bin

6. Vitamix FoodCycler

Best For | Compact electric composter
Size | 2.75 cups/2.5 liters
Price | $400

Take your composting to the next level with the Vitamix FoodCycler, an innovative home appliance well worth the investment. All you’ll need is a power outlet (okay, and one foot of space). Equipped to run multiple cycles a day, you can transform your scraps like eggshells, chicken bones, and vegetable peels into fruitful fertilizer at the touch of a button. While this does come with a $400 price tag, it’s ideal for families and urban dwellers.


indoor compost bin

7. Lomi

Best For | Carbon Neutral electric composter
Size | 12.5 cups/3 liters
Price | $499

From Certified B Corp Pela comes Lomi, an electric composter ready to transform your food waste into nutrient-dense plant food. The only certified Carbon Neutral electric composter, this sleek gadget only needs 12 hours to turn everything from fish bones to apple cores into soil. Got bioplastics and paper products? Lomi can take them! This large-capacity composter has a bioplastic-specific mode, making it the most versatile investment on the market.


indoor compost bin

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