5 Best Reusable Paper Towels Brands

According to the Sierra Club, we cut down up to 110,000,000 trees per year for various goods, including paper, toilet paper, and paper towels. Many of these items are single-use, used just once before ending up in a landfill. And it’s not cost-effective either, with many Americans purchasing these goods on a regular basis.

When we begin to imagine how many paper towels we use over the course of even just a day, it’s easy to see how this adds up. So we’ve rounded up reusable paper towel alternatives (plus one brand making tree-free paper towels) that are durable, long-lasting, and made with sustainability in mind. Your home, wallet, and Mother Nature will thank you.

If you’re looking for more sustainable alternatives to toilet paper, we’ve got you covered here.

1. Geometry

Made From | Post-consumer recycled materials
 | $14 for a 6-pack

Geometry’s Not Paper Towels put disposable paper towels to shame. These reusable and machine-washable paper towel alternatives make cleaning up messes easy without the added waste. We love the funky color options and patterns, all printed in California. With over 60 patterns to choose from, these make a wonderful gift for the eco-conscious friend or family member in your life. Thank us later!


Geometry Reusable Paper Towels

2. Marley’s Monsters

Made From | 100 percent cotton flannel
 | $30.40 for a 12-pack

Started by a mother and father out of Eugene, Oregon, Marley’s Monsters brings eco-friendly products and baby goods to the masses. Upcycled or existing scrap fabrics are often used to create its goods like the UNpaper Towels. And for fabrics it no longer needs, Marley’s Monsters donates them to local organizations to reduce waste. Available in dozens of patterns and colors, you can add a little fun and boldness to your daily routine.


Marley's Monsters Reusable Paper Towels

3. Three Bluebirds

Made From | 30 percent cotton, 70 percent cellulose
 | $6.95/each

For whimsical, functional, and long-lasting sponge alternatives, check out Three Bluebirds’ Swedish Dishcloths. Created using biodegradable cellulose, cotton, and water-based ink, these cloths will last through more than 200 washes. Plus, they’ll quickly air-dry so bacteria don’t breed. Each purchase helps create impact, too, as Three Bluebirds is committed to donating one percent of its sales to environmental causes.


Three Bluebirds Reusable Paper Towels

4. Papaya Reusables

Made From | 30 percent cotton, 70 percent cellulose
 | $18 for a set of 2 sheets & 1 hook

Both cute and functional, Papaya Reusables does paper towels differently. Each set of towels comes with accompanying hooks, making it easy to hang and air-dry each towel after use. Hang by your sink, counter, backsplash or wherever you’ll be cleaning the most! Each towel replaces 17 rolls of disposable paper towels and subscriptions are available for when you need to replenish. Did we mention they are odor-free? Sign us up! 


Papaya Reusables Paper Towels

5. Etsy

Made From | Varies, including linens, deadstock fabric, plant fiber, & cotton
 | Starts at $6.75

Etsy helps bring together small businesses, local artisans, and eco-conscious entrepreneurs all in one place. And together, they’re all working towards a more sustainable future using carbon-neutral shipping and upcycled fabrics for tree-free paper towels. Here you can find plenty of reusable paper towels, with varying designs, prices, and materials. You can even learn how to DIY some yourself.


A roll of grey patterned reusable paper towels from Etsy. The TGT 2024 Award Winner Badge is on the right corner of the image.

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