3 Easy, Sustainable Home Swaps To Make Now

It’s never been easier to incorporate eco-friendly tweaks in our homes, thanks to reusable paper towels, wool dryer balls, stainless steel containers and more.

Few things feel better than a home refresh. One unexpected but satisfying way to do that is by upgrading everyday household items for their more environmentally friendly counterparts. And not only are eco-friendly products more likely to have a smaller footprint on the planet, but they often are made of better quality materials, so they last longer, work better and are more cost-effective.

Making the switch to simple sustainable household items, like cleaning products or food storage, is easier than you think. Making “green” home swaps contributes to a more eco-friendly lifestyle and is often aesthetically pleasing as well, so you can reap the visual rewards as well as the environmental ones.

And while it’s true that large-scale corporations make up over 70% of global emissions, small, meaningful changes in our own little lives can help us do our own part and give us a sense of control. Some of these products will require a bit of financial investment, but ultimately you save money in the long run by not constantly needing to replenish disposable items. Start with one small thing here or there, and whenever possible, add a new one to your repertoire.

We’ve rounded up some of our favorite easy sustainable home swaps like kitchen goods, beauty cotton rounds and even eco-friendly dog waste bags. Start wherever makes sense for you and go from there.

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A set of reusable kitchen “paper” towels

Made of cellulose, unbleached cotton and a natural mineral salt, these If You Care reusable sheets function like paper towels, but with a fraction of the waste. They’re absorbent and can be used on surfaces or floors. Each sheet in this three-pack lasts about a week and can then be composted. You’ll never go back to traditional paper towels again.


A set of kitchen cannisters

Plastic pollution is bad for the planet and our bodies. In an effort to use less plastic, we’ve found that stainless steel containers are often a great substitution. These Enloy stainless steel canisters are the perfect receptacles for everything including sugar, flour, tea, cookies, spices and much more. This set includes four airtight containers that are more visually appealing than their plastic countertops and keep food nice and fresh.


A zero-waste dental floss

Made of silk thread coated in candelilla wax, this chemical- and plastic-free dental floss from Package Free Shop keeps your teeth clean, protecting your health and that of the environment.

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